RubyLux in Australia

RubyLux Fake Control

RubyLux …aka Rob, Mike, Adam and Clark are over in Australia playing at select venues with their new album FAKE_CONTROL_ (which is awesome by the way). Today they were generous enough to drop in for a quick jam session with the boys and teach Hammer and Chill some cool new riffs!

RubyLux Down Under

RubyLux Fake Control

Awesome news! VIP Medicine and HealthEngine will be joining forces to facilitate the arrival of “Britain’s best-kept secret” – the amazing UK band RubyLux to Australia in October 2010. More information will be released over the next couple of weeks about venues, but the first confirmed gig will be at Paramount in Perth on October 15th

VIP Medicine Goes Mobile


Bookmarking your favourite web pages and adding to the the home screen (desktop) of your iPad and iPhone just got easier, and a whole lot prettier. Faced with constantly having to go into safari, then finding the right bookmark for my favourite blog, it was with great pleasure that I stumbled upon an article on Of Zen and Computing.

The Birth of VIP Medicine

VIP square

VIP Medicine has in effect been in operation for over a decade, but over the last 18 months it has become necessary to formalise the ad hoc relationship between the group of medical practitioners providing medical services and the people we provide medical services to. The VIP Medicine team includes a diverse group of practitioners […]