RubyLux in Australia

RubyLuxaka Rob, Mike, Adam and Clark are over in Australia playing at select venues with their new album FAKE_CONTROL_ (which is awesome by the way). Last week the guys were generous enough to drop in for a quick jam session with the boys and teach Hammer and Chill some cool new riffs! Amazing afternoon with the boys from RUBYLUX

For those unfamiliar with the name, Rubylux are a UK four piece alternative rock group who have, over the period of four years, have created a cult following. Best known for their impromptu street gigs at Churchill Square (Brighton, UK) their fans are committed and seem to –  live and breathe the bands every move. This year see’s the dynamic quartet releasing their debut album ‘Fake Control’ and they are currently on a whirlwind tour of Australia…

RubyLux will be back touring in the Southern Hemisphere in November!

Rubylux – “Fake Control” – 5 Track Sampler by Rubylux/Luxury-B Records

Aussie Concert season starts

Gearing up for another great series of concerts in Australia.

Next series of gigs to cover include


  • Frontier Touring bring the World Magnetic Tour to Australia
  • October 18, Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  • October 22, Perth Burswood Dome
  • November 10, Sydney Acer Arena
  • November 15, Adelaide Entertainment Centre
  • November 18, Melbourne Rod Laver Arena


Bon Jovi

  • The Australian Circle Tour shows are the latest addition to the Jov’s massive world tour, the band’s longest since Jersey Syndicate in the late 80s
  • Wed 8 Dec Perth, Subiaco Oval – Tickets
  • Fri 10 Dec Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena – Tickets
  • Sat 11 Dec Melbourne, Etihad Stadium – Tickets
  • Tue 14 Dec Brisbane, Suncorp Stadium – Tickets
  • Fri 17, Sat 18, Sun 19 Dec Sydney, Sydney Football Stadium –Tickets


  • U2 will tour Australia in December, as part of its global U2 360 degrees tour that will ultimately play to four million people around the world.
    • December 1, 3 – Etihad Stadium, Melbourne – Tickets
    • December 8, 9 – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane  – Tickets
    • December 13, 14 – ANZ Stadium, Sydney – Tickets
    • December 18, 19 – Subiaco Oval, Perth – Tickets

VIP Medicine Goes Mobile

Bookmarking your favourite web pages and adding to the the home screen (desktop) of your iPad and iPhone just got easier, and a whole lot prettier.

You can add a bookmark for any website to the iPad desktop. An icon for the site will sit amongst your iPad and iPhone App icons. Web sites can define an image to be their icon, or the iPad will create one by taking a small picture of a portion of the page you bookmark. (Of Zen and Computing)

On your iPad or iPhone simply open the page you want to bookmark in Safari and tap the “+” icon immediately to the left of the address bar. You’ll see a menu appear. Choose the ‘add to Home Screen‘ option and you will be able to label you new icon which will immediately be available on your iPad or iPhone desktop.

For the blogger and website owner

How do you as a non-tech savvy blogger and website owner create your own custom icon for the iPad, iPod and iPhone?

There are three simple steps to apple icon heaven…

  1. Create a cool icon. (Flavor Studios)
  2. Upload the icon to your blog/website (root directory or as a simple media file upload)
  3. Specify its location in your HTML header with some simple code.

1. Create your icon…

With the advent of the iPod Touch, Apple updated thier devices to allow users to add website links to their home screen. These home screen icons are created by taking a thumbnail screenshot of your current view on that website. Pretty cool, but…boring!

Now Apple has provided web site owners the ability to specify an icon to be used in-place of the screenshot (apple-touch-icon.png). You can also explicity specify which icon should be used when the iPhone’s browser visits your site by specifying a ‘link‘ tag in the <head> portion of your page’s html.

There are lots of websites which help generate a favicon for your website…but my favourite is Flavor Studio Tools and Resources. Note that the size of an iPad Home Screen icon is 72×72 pixels, so you may need to re-size the downloaded images.

This icon is also compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. The size of the icons on those displays is 57×57, but you do not have to create an alternate version. Those mobile devices will shrink down your 72×72 icon automatically. (Of Zen and Computing)

2. Upload the icon to your blog/website

  • Upload the completed icon to your site as a transparent PNG named apple-touch-icon.png .
  • It is recommended that you place the file in the root public accessible directory…but I didn’t know what that was, so uploaded as a media file and copied the file url to complete the final stage.

3. Add some code

  • To allow the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad to know where to find you icon you need to add the following tag code in the <head> section of your HTML header:

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href=""/>

  • Change the url value of the href attribute to reflect the location of your site’s icon and change to your own domain name.
Flavor Studios icon generator

Go wild with free icon design...

The Birth of VIP Medicine

VIP Medicine has in effect been in operation for over a decade, but over the last 18 months it has become necessary to formalise the ad hoc relationship between the group of medical practitioners providing medical services and the people we provide medical services to.

The VIP Medicine team includes a diverse group of practitioners with areas of expertise ranging from General Practice and psychiatry through to sports medicine, emergency medicine and trauma surgery.

Putting the band back together…literally

We are not a locum service and are not affiliated with any specific hospital group or health organisations. We are a team of dedicated health professionals providing short-term high level services to travelling VIP’s.

With practitioners based in every Australian state, VIP Medicine can provide specialist physician care for elite athletes, concert performers and dignitaries. Each specialist has State approved registration and is able to issue prescriptions and make referrals to local hospitals.

Specialists are on call from the from the moment the touring party arrive and for the duration of their stay.

The essence of VIP Medicine is to provide prompt, ethical medical treatment discretely and with confidence